Liquid Media Group Ltd. (NASDAQ:YVR) Engages Invoke and Arkitek Creative To Enhance Its Steaming Platform

Liquid Media Group Ltd. (NASDAQ:YVR) has engaged two popular digital agencies Arkitek/Creative and Invoke, to advance the development of its streaming platform.

Liquid partners with reputable firms to enhance the streaming platform

The two firms are renowned for their work in serving some of the top firms in the entertainment industry. Most notably, Invoke is the creator of Hootsuite, which is a social media management platform that boasts more than 800 Fortune 1000 companies. Currently, it has a user base of over 15 million, and it is valued at approximately $1 billion. Invoke is a leading developer in digital products, and it has made quantum computing accessible for D-wave as well as empowered NBC’s The Voice show fans via social gaming. Other clients of Invoke of over 20 years include NHL, Viacom, Toyota, The Food Network, and the BBC.

Wes Deboer, Invoke’s Director of technology, indicated that the company’s dedication to developing online products for future beings and ends with users. Deboer added that they are delighted to work with the community of content creators and filmmakers as they uncover what is next and launch the digital streaming solution of Liquid in a reimagined way to meet the changing consumer behavior and engagement.

Arkitek Creative has strong ties to Hollywood

On the other hand, frequent collaborators Crafted INK Consulting and Arkitek Creative have strong ties to the Hollywood North’s film sector and passion for storytelling. A combination of this prowess across media production, marketing, PR, and branding has attracted them a large portfolio that includes the likes of Netflix, Walt Disney, Sony Picture Imageworks, LucasFilm, the Sustainable Production Forum, Universal as well as Paramount.

Liquid Media chairman Joshua Jackson indicated that the company is creating the creative community’s next destination ranging from new and recognized festivals and storied filmmakers to novice content creators and fans. Jackson added that their partners’ expertise is exciting, and they are optimistic that they will offer the best tools for the market by capitalizing on innovative tech to enhance Liquid’s streaming platform.

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