Bitcoin mainnet on its implementation of the lightning network after the network passed over 1000 active nodes has marked a major step to solutions of scaling.

Data from various sources with the mandate of observing resources gives an estimated 1003 bump online to the press on March 12, 2018 with a record of 1892 open channels. This is due to the fact that there is speculation among spectators and commentators concerning the organization.

Without putting in place all these then the first version of mainnet of the protocol may have an authoritative launch.

The lightning network has achieved a positive and more significant growth that is both on its maiinet and testnet applications given the fact that the ones launched in the last month of 2017.

There is a strong opposition from some of the superior leaders in the bitcoin company and this has led to bulges choosing to join the network as it continues to expand.

The expansion will have a slightly negative impact on the network company as this will have already been put into consideration.

In terms of improvement that is the profit making way of the company, it will have an upper hand with the increasing number of subscribers joining the network.

The main focus of the criticism is the focus on concerns through which the protocol is technically enough contain the masses under exchange without the potential to help them not to lose fund and laying the claim on the loopholes.

Lightning network through its off chain scaling solution which won the praise of wide and globally known company that Microsoft the previous month ,this is as the globally giant in computing observed that it will bring in to book more applicable solutions such as the biggest blocks which had earlier been put into consideration by the altcoin bitcoin cash.

While commenting and giving their views on the latest events, the social media activists came out to point in the lightning achieving more cheaply and quick transactions that are poised to make bitcoin cash useless.

The company for lightning is still establishing relationships with people around the globe so as to achieve much of their expectations.