LAURA INGRAHAM: The Left wants you to be too scared to stand up for your right to self-defense

Fox News host Laura Ingraham argues voters need to “step forward and lead the way” if they want to see a change in their cities on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, life is getting harder and it’s feeling more dangerous in the liberal utopias like San Francisco, where we just were, or L.A., Philly, Chicago — regular, sane people are getting tired of paying through the nose for a declining quality of life. And as we’ve seen in New York, well, they’re just deciding, “I’m going to pick up and move.” Now, seeing a lot of for lease signs — I have over the last few days — they’re hanging in all the office building windows. And one real estate expert is warning of a permanent collapse of real estate, commercial real estate, due to what’s being called an “urban doom loop.” Oh, my God. It sounds awful. Of course, who would want to make the trek into the city when it seems that criminals have the run of the place, especially with leftist prosecutors like New York’s Alvin Bragg in charge? 


As a Soros-backed prosecutor, he doesn’t consider prosecuting career criminals a top priority. He considers a top priority to be hunting down heroes like subway Good Samaritan, Daniel Penny. That’s one of his most important missions. Now, Bragg wants to make an example out of Mr. Penny. And it’s something like this: Defend yourself or defend others, and you’re doing it at your own risk — the risk of prosecution. 

And now things are getting worse. Bragg is widening the net. According to the New York Post tonight, investigators appear to have identified one of the two men seen on the video helping Penny. Now, the sources said authorities have been scouring surveillance footage looking for them. And so, I’m thinking to myself, do they simply want to question these two men as potential witnesses? Well, considering it’s Bragg, that’s doubtful. More likely he wants to bag a few accomplices, two more vigilante scalps on the wall. Now, this is a sick manhunt for two men who did nothing wrong. Two nights ago, we interviewed a woman who was brutally beaten in the subway. She told us things could have been different if someone like Mr. Penny was around. 

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