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LAURA INGRAHAM: How does it makes any sense for the US to go further into debt?

Laura Ingraham highlights the demands for more funding to Ukraine, Israel and other causes as the U.S. debt continues to rise on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: It was a clown show on Capitol Hill today – the same people who’ve been wrong about pretty much every major foreign policy issue for the past 25 years are back at it again. Today, Blinken and Austin testified before Congress asking for another $106 billion for multiple urgent priorities – Ukraine, Israel, something in the Far East and humanitarian aid to Gaza. They call it an emergency supplemental, but the real emergency is in Biden’s reelection campaign, which is taking on more water than Biden’s taken naps. 

Now, this, by the way, went on and on and on. So much for that unbreakable Biden coalition. Now, this is where most normal people, though, are asking how it makes any sense for the US to go further into debt to pay for these emergencies when we already have $33 trillion that we’re going to have to pay off? And last fiscal year, a staggering $1.7 trillion budget deficit. This is their answer. 

This is mind-blowing. Deplete our own stockpiles by sending weapons to, sadly, a losing cause in Ukraine, then spend more money to replenish the stockpiles which will help the defense contractors. They really do think you’re stupid. Well, the things are going the way things are going now in Ukraine. We should just have the Pentagon send weapons directly to Russia because they’re going to end up taking them eventually anyway, just like they did, of course, the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

Now, the fact is, even the staunchest war hawks can no longer make a persuasive case for Ukraine. This is the main reason, by the way, why they want to combine the $61.4 billion request for Ukraine with the funding requests for legitimate reasons, like Israel and elsewhere. 

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