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Lamassu Unveils Three New Machines

Lamassu has unveiled Three Sintra range ATMs namely Sintra Forte, the Sintra, and Douro II. The next generation ATMs support DASH, ETH, LTC, BCH, BTC, and ZEC. It provides the ATM operators to enable the required cryptocurrency through the backend. In addition, the ATM operators can set the commissions, fees, and meet the compliance. The crypto ATMs are developed using an open source software. Portugal crafted machines boast a futuristic and sleek look. It is manufactured using 2.5 mm steel for long durability.

Operators to Host Own Wallets and Servers for 3 crypto ATMs

Since the crypto ATMs do not have any central server, the ATM operators have to maintain their own wallets and servers. Both Sintra Forte and Sintra support two way operations. However, the crypto ATM – Douro II supports the purchase of cryptocurrency. An internal wallet in Sintra Forte is 20% bigger when compared to the Sintra.

After demonstrating the machines at a San Jose conference in 2013, the company started producing in a small facility. The company has expanded the production to deploy four hundred machines across the world. Each machine processes twenty to thirty transactions on a daily basis by mid 2017. The company currently owns 427 installed machines worldwide. According to coinatmradar, the Portuguese ATM producers account for 11.7% of the installed crypto ATMs across the world. The owners of the decentralized machines do not maintain any centralized server. Therefore, the operators have to their own servers to send money. They will not have access to the user data.

Crypto ATMs worldwide

The launch of crypto ATMs on September 24, 2018, supports widespread use of the cryptocurrency worldwide. As a whole, the installed crypto ATMs of all the operators across the world is estimated at 3750. The numbers of installed ATMs is growing at a fast pace in the world arena.

What is the cost of Crypto ATMs?

The Duoro II crypto ATM is available at a starting price of EU 5,200. The Sintra Forte model is priced at EU 8,900. On the other hand, the Sintra model is priced at EU 7,500. Lamassu has introduced the newest Duoro II machine at an affordable price. It allows conversion of fiat to crypto. The other two models allow conversion both ways.

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