KMA Global Solutions Gains Attention for a Huge Breakout (KMAG)

KMA Global Solutions (OTC: KMAG) had an incredible breakout in today’s trading session, which had investors excited and talking. The stock of KMA Global Solutions was priced at $0.005 per share when the market opened, and steadily rallied for the majority of the day. KMA Global Solutions touched the high of the day at $0.008 per share around 3:00 p.m. and eventually traded at $0.0078 at the closing bell. With 59.41 shares exchanging hands, KMA Global Solutions also achieved heavy volume accumulation.

The breakout of KMA Global Solutions has caused quite a stir on Twitter. Many tweets have been sent out, including some notable rumors. @OTCStockPicks1, @chicagopenny, and many others enthusiastically tweeted about KMA Global Solutions.

It is not hard to attribute the volume accumulation and the slightly wild reaction of the public to the stock’s impressive breakout today, but there are more explanations behind the scenes. KMA Global Solutions holds a previous major breakout record that lasted nearly two months from early March to late April. The stock unfortunately broke down from that point and had been holding steady for over two months. Aside from that, KMA Global Solutions has a year-to-date gain of 680%.

Several newsletters have promoted KMA Global Solutions. There are 16 results found on, while none of the recent promotors were compensated. @pennystock24 tweeted that Monday Runner Group promoted KMA Global Solutions today.

Headlines for KMA Global Solutions have been scarce, aside from the two press releases regarding the company’s reported sales growth in Q2:

  • July 20, 2012: KMA Global Solutions announced that the company had continued strong sales growth in Q2 with sales in the month of June 2012 of $1,105,480. June 2012 results were in line with their expected revenue streams for Q2.
  • June 29, 2012: KMA Global Solutions announced that it had continued strong sales growth in Q2 with sales SOLELY in the month of May 2012 of $935,000 surpassing all of 2011. June 2012 results to date were exceeding May results, making for exponential Q2 growth.

KMA Global Solutions is engaged in the electronic article surveillance (EAS) industry, through its operating subsidiaries of KMA Global Solutions in Canada and Hong Kong.

The company is engaged in the supply of EAS solutions, focusing on providing generic and customized solutions in the apparel, multi-media, sporting goods, food and pharmaceutical industries. Its EAS solutions comprise a line of custom tags and labels, which contain sensors designed to provide a single-source solution for protection against retail merchandise theft.

Its tags and labels are specialized for a variety of applications, including adhesive labels for use on product packaging or tags sewn directly onto retail apparel.

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