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Kakao’s Blockchain subsidiary Ground X unveils Klaytn Testnet

Kakao’s Ground X has unveiled a test network tagged Klayn in October 8 ahead of the official launch in 2019. In March 2018, Kakao formed a blockchain development unit, Ground X that was tasked with developing a blockchain that was user friendly compared to the existing blockchains offerings.

Klaytn is currently under experimentation by ten selected partners after which Kakao will share its source code publicly. Jason Han the CEO of Ground X, the brains behind Klaytn believes that the blockchain is in to ease user experience. “Ground X has designed Klaytn so that it can provide an easy and friendly ecosystem for users, service providers, and developers all at the same time,” he says. Klaytn is designed to support ‘large scale decentralized applications (dAPP).

Faster Option

The South Korean messaging company is planning to integrate Klaytn with its existing internet services like Kakao talk Message App that allows users to send messages and multimedia for free.

Ground X adopted a hybrid approach in the development of the blockchain, a technique that makes Klaytn uniquely fast. The technique involved incorporating both Consensus node (CNs) and Ranger Nodes (RNs) to realize both “scalability and transparency.”

The blockchain can reportedly carry out 1,500 transactions in a record one second. On the other hand, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETC) would take one hour and five minutes respectively to complete the same transactions.

Klaytn Tutorials

Klaytn features tutorials and toolkits that would enhance a user friendly environment. Among these toolkits are Klatyn Wallet, Klaytnscope and BLASQ. Klaytn wallet allows users to store transfer and secure their tokens. Klaytnscope allows end users to view activities happening in the blockchain like block development and transactions. BLASQ is a forum where “blockchain related questions and answers are rewarded with tokens.”

Ground X is seeking to enhance Klaytn wallet and Klaytnscope that all transactions and data are made public for transparency.

It is with no doubt from the Monday’s launch that Kakao’s Klaytn will be a game changer in the blockchain business now that traders are seeking high performing, reliable, stable, secure and low costs blockchain options.

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