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JESSE WATTERS: Merrick Garland committed an impeachable offense

FOX News host Jesse Watters argues U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland “is going to get impeached” on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

JESSE WATTERS: It was a day for the history books in Washington. The attorney general of the United States strutted into a hearing on Capitol Hill and committed an impeachable offense. Merrick Garland, the president’s lawyer, testified that he calls the shots. 

For the rest of the hearing, Joe Biden’s attorney general obstructed justice repeatedly, refusing to answer any questions under oath, continuing this massive cover-up that at this point guarantees an impeachment. When asked if he talked to the FBI about Hunter Biden, he basically pled the Fifth. 

Oh, “I don’t recollect.” You don’t recollect whether you talked to the FBI about investigating your boss’s son? Now, if I was investigating my boss’s son, I think I’d remember a conversation like that. When my boss’s son comes into the room, I’m pretty polite. We shake hands. I ask him how he’s doing. Perhaps I tell a joke. But if my boss’s son was about to go to prison, and I was in charge of putting him in prison, and what I did was going to determine whether my boss would go to prison, I think I’d recall. 

Now, the cover-up was so blatant that the attorney general is going to get impeached, protecting the president from getting impeached. 

The attorney general is obstructing congressional oversight because he made a pinky promise to the Senate. This isn’t how presidential administrations conduct themselves. The attorney general’s fingerprints are all over this crime scene. Two whistleblowers proved that. The judge blowing up the plea proves that. The attorney general’s appointing the dirty prosecutor as special counsel proves that. We’ve moved past the point of whether or not a crime was committed. We’re now in this phase. 

How deep a hole is the Biden administration going to dig themselves into? Special counsel prosecutors were already caught visiting the White House on multiple occasions before and after indicting Trump. The New York Times reported Biden ordered his attorney general to arrest Trump. 

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