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JESSE WATTERS: Democrat politicians are in survival mode

Fox News host Jesse Watters breaks down the media divide over President Biden’s re-election bid after a disastrous Thursday press conference on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

JESSE WATTERS: Now, when the media is divided, it’s dangerous for the Democrat Party because a mob only works when it fights in unison. The left is most effective when it’s all reading the same talking points, repeating them with commendable discipline. Now, once the propaganda splinters, the Democratic Party is exposed and can’t stand.  


CNN and MSNBC duking it out over who is running the country is fatal for Democrat chances next year. This leaves Democrat politicians in survival mode. They’ll have to distance themselves from the top of the ticket, and they won’t have the media running interference for them by keeping the heat on Trump.  

Now, the right has kept the left on the defensive now for two straight weeks. First, on the border. Now, on Biden’s brain. They should push the corruption issue because the impeachment factor will highlight the bribes. We don’t have answers for that yet and the media, which above all else is a business, can’t hitch their wagons to the oldest, most unpopular president staring down the barrel of an impeachment, who is losing to Trump in every battleground, sees dead people and whose son is facing nine felonies. How can the media say vote for a man with diminished faculties? How does that save democracy? We’re at a crossroads now and responsible adults have to choose what’s best for the country.  

Source – https://www.foxnews.com/media/jesse-watters-democrat-politicians-survival-mode