JESSE WATTERS: CNN did something they promised they’d never do again

Fox News host Jesse Watters gives his take on CNN’s town hall interview with former President Donald Trump on “Jesse Watters Primetime.” 

JESSE WATTERS : Last night, CNN did something they promised they’d never do again. No, they didn’t tell you when a woman is in her prime. No, they didn’t say a missing airplane went into a black hole. No, nobody played their own tuba while on the company Zoom. 

CNN did something much, much worse. They talked to Republican front-runner and former President Donald Trump. They called it a Republican primary town hall, meaning CNN was supposed to ask questions about topics that Republican voters care about, but it’s been a while since CNN talked to a real Republican. So, they think you care about the same thing they do.  



Now, right off the bat, they got Trump to talk about the past instead of the future: 2020 instead of 2024. They knew Trump was going to take the bait and he did. If Trump wants to talk about 2020, there’s plenty to talk about. But you can’t get lost in the weeds, and you have to move it from 2020 to 2024. For instance, we know it was unfair, but instead of drilling down on the ballot stuffing, the president should talk about voter I.D., how to make voting easy and cheating hard, how Republicans should harvest and how every state should run the election like Florida, where you get the results that night.  


Now, the key unfairness factor, that election, besides the loose COVID rules, was the CIA and the FBI interfering in the election. We know they did that. Intelligence agencies conspired with Silicon Valley to censor the laptop, censor the free press, censor free speech, and they ran a disinformation campaign against you, the American voter. That’s where you go with it. Now, after the 2020 election, CNN obviously wanted to talk about January 6. 

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