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JESSE WATTERS: Biden declares himself a wartime president, everything indicates he’s a one-term president

FOX News host Jesse Watters weighs in on President Biden’s “lowest” approval rating of his presidency, according to a Gallup poll, on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSE WATTERS: Joe Biden may have declared himself a wartime president, but everything indicates he’s a one-term president. His approval rating now at the lowest of his presidency, 37% in Gallup – 37%. The war in Israel, which Biden has politically associated himself with, is damaging his support with Democrats. Young Democrats, not too hot on Biden to begin with, associate the Israeli issue with social justice and are strongly siding against Biden. The Hamas caucus a huge headache; ot just young Democrats, but minorities, now turning against Biden over his support for Israel. Muslim Americans souring on Biden, and Michigan has a lot of them. Trump is now tied with Biden in Michigan, and any erosion of Muslim support in Michigan can cost Biden the White House. 

Biden has lost 11 points with Democrats nationally and with two wars and record inflation, the undercard season opening. Kamala Harris and Gavin Newsom are jockeying for position. Newsom’s in China shaking hands with Xi and driving Chinese EVs and Kamala is doing a big interview on “60 Minutes” right after the Chiefs game, big opportunity for Kamala. She can really rebrand herself for the 11th time. 

But CBS released some teaser clips. Not good. They know Kamala and Biden don’t talk. Joe skips all of their lunches and sends her in the opposite direction any time there’s a major event. He tosses her a couple of projects he knows she can’t figure out and lets her take all the incoming from the press. But Kamala says they’re best friends.

Kamala isn’t even thinking about the election, but there’s one guy who is. Newsome still in China, and he’s having the time of his life. The Chinese took Gavin to all of their special spots. They showed him two trees that twisted into one. They said it symbolizes our need to collaborate. Then they showed him a lion statue, which symbolizes China’s strength and then Newsome went to the Forbidden City in Beijing.

It took an ancient imperial palace in China to Humble Newsome. It’s good, but nothing had a more profound impact on Gavin’s heart than the Great Wall of China. Newsom saw firsthand one of the most ancient examples of why walls work.

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