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Is Regions Financial Corp (NYSE:RF) Among The Hackers List Of Firms?

Boston, MA 10/10/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Is Regions Financial Corp (NYSE:RF) among the list of firms under hackers for potential data theft? It appears that the investigation into the cyber attack by the hackers was bringing out more and more startling revelations. If the initial indication was related to the top line financial institutions and companies, the current indication suggests that the hackers list was increasing no matter the size of the company.

13 Financial Firms

The latest report indicated that there are at least 13 financial companies that were linked with data breach of hackers, Bloomberg reported quoting person familiar with the events. The perpetrators seemed to have had a broader plan to attack the computers of several companies. The investigation into JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) data theft and cyber attack by the hackers provided some idea on the depth and the scope of the hackers targets.

Not only Regions Financial Corp (NYSE:RF) but also Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) figured in the list of hackers for potential data breach. These companies have started an investigation internally, and they appeared to have found intruders signs in the computers. However, the protective technology has stopped the hackers.

No Proof Of Attack

Regions Financial Corp (NYSE:RF) spokesperson said that the company was continuously monitoring for any abnormal activities in their system. The spokesperson reacted to the report by saying that there was no proof of any data breach at this point of time. Even JPMorgan commented in a similar way initially but found data breach later.

Citigroup Inc (NYSE:C) has preferred not to comment on the reports though the hackers were reportedly trying to break into their system and failed.

The recent reports indicate that the number of companies probed for possible data breach by the hackers has increased considerably. When the data breach first came to the fore on August 27, it was JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) and four other financial companies figured in the hackers list. Currently, it has increased to 14 from ten in last few days alone. Still, no investigation agencies could come to a conclusion on the final list of companies affected or logged by the hackers.

Published by Benjamin Roussey

Benjamin Roussey is from Sacramento, California. He has two master’s degrees and served four years in the U.S. Navy. His bachelor’s degree is from CSUS (1999) where he was on a baseball pitching scholarship. His second master’s degree is an MBA in Global Management from the University of Phoenix (2006). He has worked for small businesses, public agencies, and large corporations. He has lived in Korea and Saudi Arabia where he was an ESL instructor. Benjamin spends his time in between Northern California and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, committing himself to his craft of freelance and website writing.

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