Ireland Regulators Want ‘Urgent’ Details of Facebook’s Policy Changes

Recently, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB), the giant social media company, made overnight changes to its privacy policy and informed users after making the changes. However, this has not gone well with the Irish regulators from the European Union, they said that they sought urgent details concerning the Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) policy changes.

Gary Davis, who is Ireland’s deputy data-protection commissioner said in an email on Thursday that they would need detailed clarification from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Ireland regarding proposed changes and that they also need to check if its new privacy policy would require particular approval from EU users. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) had to delete the data that were collected from the EU users regarding it’s facial feature recognizing software, due to the review given by Gary Davis’s Office on September 2012. Data-protection regular from Norway had mentioned in August that it was evaluating the functioning of facial-recognition feature of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) to check how it worked and what information was stored by it.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Speaks About ‘Continuous Dialogue’: The social media company said that it was willing to put forth “continuous dialogue” with the concerned agencies as it makes any further changes.

As per the email sent by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB), it says that as their regulator in Europe, they are constantly in touch with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner’s Office to make sure that they maintain required standards of transparency. As per the agency, it is Palo Alto that acts as Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Ireland’s regulators in order to ensure whether Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) follows the guidelines provided by Irish and EU data-protection agencies. Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) gave this authority to the California-based company in 2011.

Data protection is at present looked over by numerous regulators from 27-nation EU. The reason is that the executive body of the EU wants to make the system and the process simple so that companies have to deal with just one data- protection regulator in the zone. Shares of Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) were up by 5.28% to close at $24.32.

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