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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Introduces Ponte Vecchio And Enters GPU Space: Intel Launches oneAPI, A Programming Interface For Developers

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has entered the GPU space with the launch of Ponte Vecchio on Sunday night. The company has designed and developed a GPU to handle simulation workloads, HPC modeling, and AI training. Intel will produce the new GPU using its next-generation 7-nm process.

Launch of Ponte Vecchio in 2021

During an earnings conference call in October 2019, Bob Swan, Chief Executive Officer of Intel, said the company would enter the standalone GPU space. According to Bob, Intel will introduce the first GPU next year and would focus on Data Centers. The company would launch the Ponte Vecchio in 2021. It has also introduced oneAPI for developers.

Intel’s Innovative GPU will be used in the Aurora

The new GPU developed by Intel would be used in the supercomputer called – Aurora, which is being built for the US Department Energy Facility’s ALC (Argonne Leadership Computing) Facility. It would offer the performance of a quintillion computations/second.

Graphics processing chips are vital for performing complex computing tasks. They have now become essential in the massive machines. So far, Intel has been offering GPU functions within the chips. The launch of standalone GPU is a new field for the company. AMD and Nvidia have so far dominated the GPU space and prevented Intel’s entry.

Nvidia has excelled in the server market by offering GPUs that help to expedite computing power that include AI workloads. GPUs are used together with the microprocessors to enhance computing power. AMD is another player in the fiercely competing GPU space. The company pushes its own data center to grab a market share from Intel. It has recently introduced EPYC processor-based platforms. AMD, Nvidia, Intel are introducing innovative GPUs at the SC19 supercomputing meet this week.

Increased optimism in Intel

James Goetz, Director of Intel, acquired 34,220 shares (each at $58.22), and another 52,000 shares (each at $57.88) in two separate transactions. He joined the Intel board last week. It is on the backdrop of reporting record growth from data-centric business. Intel is a promising stock to the investors because of its strong performance in the Data Center Group.

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