Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Dodges A Multibillion-Dollar Fine After Judge Rules In Its Favor

A federal jury in Texas has relieved Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) a multibillion-dollar fine. The case before the jury outlined that Intel infringed several patents that initially belonged to NXP Semiconductors NV. The allegation provided that Intel’s primary motivation was to seek out ways to speed up its computers.

Intel wants to regain its lead

Intel has been facing several challenges that have caused it to retrogress. However, it seems determined to spring back and clinch its top position in manufacturing once again. It has already channeled a significant amount of its resources to promote its factories. It also wants to support other businesses by serving them with chips and focusing on establishing its foundry business.

Biden’s administration has indicated its willingness to support the move. The global computer chips shortage continues to frustrate many manufacturers worldwide. Market observers have closely linked the shortage to the overreliance on two Asian companies and the outbreak of the pandemic.

The struggle with VLSI Technology LLC

In Waco, the federal jury gave out his ruling, outlining that he had not found enough supporting proof that Intel infringed two patents belonging to VLSI Technology LLC. The trial took place in the same courthouse where Intel had been ordered to compensate VLSI $2.18 billion. It was, however, a different judge overseeing the trial.

VLSI seems to be pressing Intel quite hard recently. It has so far made about three different complaints against Intel. The U.S. District Judge Alan Albright will in June oversee the third trial against Intel.

The latest trial involves VLSI’s push to get Intel to compensate it $3 billion in damages. It asserts that Intel stood to gain a lot by utilizing the technology. VLSI outlines that the inventions could help Intel move faster in chip manufacturing and use less energy.

Intel has dismissed claims that it used the inventions in question. The company asserts that its engineers deserve the credit, considering how they spent many years developing wide-ranging chips. Intel said that its chips played a crucial role in developing military fighter planes and laptops.

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