Integrate Datanyze Into, inc. (NYSE:CRM) To Boost Leads And Sales Altogether

Datanyze, a data sales intelligence firm, plans to introduce a new tool to help the sales team to uncover prospective leads.

The companies can leverage the technology of Datanyze to generate prospective leads and convert them to improve sales.

Datanyze has got a technical edge to scan through millions of sites on daily basis and lands you on the big sales leads.

The companies that intend to grow sales several times can give access to its salesforce account. Datanyze will use its secret weapon to finding the best prospective leads, and your sales team can leverage the data by reaching the leads to enhance sales in a short span of time.

According to Ilya Semin Chief Executive Officer, one of the best ways to predict a best lead is through analyzing new prospects tech stack. For instance, if a new prospect is using Godaddy Inc (NYSE:GDDY), Google Analytics, and the WordPress, then chances are brim that they will choose your solution.

But an enterprise solution can look for a deal if the new prospect is using, inc. (NYSE:CRM), Marketo, and Akamai because they have a budget. It is where the role of Datanyze arises to reveal such quality leads.

On this front, Datanyze has an edge. It scans through thousands of sites daily to reveal the details of the type of SaaS software they employ. The company has so far supplied such vital information to B2B sales teams to land on best prospective leads. Surely its information has helped the sales teams to achieve monthly sales growth of 25%.

Datanyze introduces a new tool for more sales opportunities

Datanyze is now introducing a new product after a series of trials with its best clients. The new product requires permission to scan through the existing clientele of the company and use that information to find the best matches using its database. The outcome is very impressive.

The companies can see an increase of 35% in terms of qualified opportunities.

It is clearly a powerful tool.

For example, a customer, who visits your pricing page, also visits the pricing page of your competitor. Therefore, tracking the visitors helps to uncover qualified leads. Datanyze is banking on its technical edge to help customers generate improved sales.

The competitors of Datanyze include 6Sense and Infer.

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