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IBM (NYSE:IBM) Leads The Consortium To Provide Access To High-Performance Computing Systems To Help Researchers Find A Vaccine For COVID-19

President Donald Trump has unveiled a task force to help tackle the coronavirus by forming a consortium lead by IBM (NYSE:IBM). The Department of Energy, the White House, and IBM are part of this consortium. Other members of this group include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and other academic institutions.

IBM to provide 330 petaflops of computing

IBM is working with several institutions and national labs to provide 330 petaflops of computing power for various projects in bioinformatics, epidemiology, and molecular modeling. The company takes the lead in evaluating the proposals and offers access to the high-performance computing systems to help expedite the research and shorten the time to produce a viable vaccine to cure and prevent COVID-19.

The researchers can use supercomputing to perform a large number of calculations in molecular modeling, bioinformatics, and epidemiology. According to the Director (Research) at IBM, Dario Gil, it would take several years to perform the calculations if executed by hand. The use of supercomputers helps to perform the computations in a short time and arrive at a solution.

Vice President (Global Sector at Google Cloud), Mike Daniels said the high-performance computing helps to minimize the time to process massive amounts of data and perform complex simulations in hours. The team at Google cloud is pleased to take part in the initiative together with the public, the leaders in technology, and academia to provide more computing resources to the researchers engaged in finding a vaccine for COVID-19.

John Kahan, Global Head of AI for health program at Microsoft, said the company will provide necessary tools for the researchers, who work on solutions to combat coronavirus.

Contributions of Microsoft and Amazon to COVID-19

Microsoft has initiated several measures to help businesses that are struggling to sustain because of the outbreak of coronavirus. Amazon’s AWS allocated $20 million to fund the research on COVID-19. On its part, Google has unveiled a website dedicated to coronavirus. Verily of Alphabet is providing help to residents in the Bay Area to locate testing facilities.

Social distancing to prevent COVID-19 spreading

The global leaders are calling for social distancing to prevent the spread of dreaded coronavirus and save their lives. However, some experts caution that it is necessary to identify the people suffering from coronavirus and provide treatment. Otherwise, once the lockdown is lifted, the spreading of coronavirus will continue.

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