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Home Depot Inc (NYSE:HD) Looking For Ways To Deal With Thieves Stealing Tools To Buy Drugs

Trish Routte who happens to be the coordinator of the Crime stoppers has disclosed details about what has been happening at Home Depot Inc (NYSE:HD). The company stores a lot of its tools at aisle 12 in Fort Myers and that is where criminal activities have been happening. Routte has confirmed that it is not the first time that they are experiencing this case scenario.

Theft activities on the rise

It is almost becoming a habit of some criminals moving here blatantly and moving out with huge tools. The official says that it would be more understandable if these persons hid some small things in pockets. This is not the case here because they are waking away with large tools not caring whether or not the cameras are seeing them. The theft takes away tools of significant value and the company wants this to stop. Reports indicate that the tools the thieves get away are worth about $600 or more.

Home Depot has organized investigations into the matter in the past and reached several conclusions. It has come out to report that these thieves come to steal the tools when under the influence of drugs.

Thieves exchange the tools of drugs

The business guru confirms that quite a large number engages in such activities on a quest to obtain drugs. It is absurd that these thieves have been getting away with thousands of dollars every time they move in the different stores.

The head of Home Depot’s investigative team who is known as Mike Combs has spoken about the matter outlining that such activities are not good for their business. This is considering that the activities of these thieves are affecting their business drastically. He promises to mobilize his team in a quest to ensure that the rogues are stopped.

Combs has also spoken about how these thieves have been going about sales activities. In most of the cases, they have been exchanging the tools for either drugs or money to persons commonly referred to as “fences”. These people then resort to the online platform to resell the tools. Sources indicate that it is a re-sell activity with rather significant discounts.

Published by Fiona Gibson

Fiona is a finance graduate and an expert in analyzing market trends.

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