HMPQ Selected for Exclusive Partnership with New Ally

The CBD juggernaut is unmistakable. The substance has become synonymous with “sudden health and wellness revelation” in the US domestic market over the past year. But investors have a harder time with the issue because they actually have to attempt to understand whether or not it will live up to the insane hype that has been built up around the concept.

For prominent top-tier stocks in the space – such as HempAmericana Inc (OTCMKTS:HMPQ) – the questions continue to multiply. Fortunately, those questions have become less and less about utility and efficacy, and more and more about differentiation of product.

At this point, the scientific community has accepted the idea that CBD is an interesting and important compound that may hold the key to treating or helping many ailments, including headaches, anxiety, skin problems, inflammations, and even certain cancer patients.

Work Smarter not Harder

According to, many different players in the CBD ecosystem can benefit from its special product recommendation algo, including consumers.

According to its site materials, “Obviously, the whole basis of our CBD Recommendation Algorithm, is to help consumers select the right CBD product(s) for their needs. Currently, as mentioned earlier, the CBD market is in its “wild-west” phase. Millions of consumers have heard about CBD. Millions of consumers would like to take CBD for their various ailments. However, so many consumers are holding back due to lack of knowledge and lack of what to buy. We believe that 99% of the population needs a pat on the shoulder (advice) when it comes to buying a new type of product. Frankly, most consumers need a push, regardless of what type of product they’re buying. The CBD recommendation algorithm will help provide consumers that added re-assurance they need to take the next step in purchasing CBD for their needs.”

But other entities can benefit as well, including CBD manufacturers, medical practitioners, online aggregators, retailers, and dispensaries.

Back to the Point

That brings us back to HempAmericana. Remember, this is a top brand in the space with a strong inventory, special technology, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and a ton of potential to monetize in the space as a market leader. So far, however, it has been missing a marketing puzzle piece.

That’s why it should be particularly interesting that HMPQ just signed an LOI to partner with Smart Decision, Inc (OTMKTS:SDEC) to help beta test the new CBD algo system.

This is a two-birds-with-one-stone investment opportunity if there ever was one, and it certainly deserves a closer look. In other words, we know HMPQ stands to be a leader in the space over time as the company ramps up its distribution. But this partnership helps to secure the stock’s spot on the short list of those names in the space capable of differentiating themselves over time.

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