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Himax Technologies, Inc. (ADR)(NASDAQ:HIMX) Meets Q3 2017 Revenue

Himax Technologies, Inc. (ADR)(NASDAQ:HIMX) issued its financial report for the third quarter closed September 30, 2017. The firm’s Q3 2017 revenue and GAAP earnings/diluted ADS was recorded at high end of projection while non-GAAP earnings/diluted ADS and gross margin both surpassed the projection.

The details

Jordan Wu, the CEO and President of Himax, expressed that irrespective of the drop in the first half in their operations, they recorded robust performance in Q3 2017, achieving both bottom and top line growth all three key product segments. One of the highlights of their third quarter operation is the joint update with Qualcomm to introduce their 3D sensing total solution. The Himax/Qualcomm Structured Light Imaging Module solution is an advanced and the sole true 3D sensing total offering available for the Android segment right now.

Wu added that Himax’s SLiM™ brings together Qualcomm’s 3D algorithm with company’s advanced diffraction optical element design and mass-production-proven wafer level optics meant for the cutting-edge NIR sensors and projector with top quantum efficiency for the receiver.

To finish the turn-key offering for the Android market, the company has assembled an A team by associating with a few top entities in their respective market, covering NIR camera lens, semiconductor foundry, module assembly and IR filter. This strong association will ensure that the firm’s SLiM™ 3D sensing total offering will be a competitive and accountable total solution for consumers’ volume ramping.

SLiM™ exhibits a very high obstacle of entry for any prospective competition and a much higher profit margin and ASP for them. Wu concluded that they are targeting to have SLiM™ and production capacity set for mass production and shipment by the close of Q1 2018 with a preliminary capacity of 2 million units/month. The initial capacity is part of their Phase 1 investment of $80 million. Himax will ramp as required to meet its customers’ launch timetable.

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