Hi Score Gets a “High Score”

Hi Score (OTC: HSCO) scored high yesterday, rising a whopping 55.56% to a share price of $0.0070 while volume stays low at 333,801.00, below its average of 756,919.00. Despite the recent rally, the stock hasn’t been giving very attractive overall performance this year.

Hi Score started 2012 trading at a share price of $0.10 and the same share price continued until February 7th, when the stock tanked below $0.03 in less than one month of time. Hi Score hasn’t been able to climb back to over $0.03 since March 2nd, 2012.

Investors might see a bounce potential of Hi Score at this point as the stock’s rally may be linked to the company’s recent announcements.

On June 7th 2012, Hi Score announced their subsidiary Green LED Technologies will be receiving six figure sales orders for energy saving lighting via its sister company DMD Lighting, which has received a commitment for lighting from Traylor Electric. The orders have begun coming in and should continue for quite some time as the jobs progress over the coming months.

The LED industry is here to stay.  LEDs have been around for many years; however, only recently have they become efficiently used in a variety of applications such as clocks, appliances, traffic signals, signage, automotive, decorative lighting, etc. Today, due to advancements in energy efficiency and long, dependable operation, LEDs have distinguished itself from incandescent lighting, making its way to industrial lighting.

For anyone not familiar with Hi Score, the company is a supplier of Eco-friendly lighting products in the Western Hemisphere. It offers its customers the fiscal and ecological practicality of utilizing safe, efficient, solid state green lighting rather than conventional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. The company offers a wide selection of high quality, long lasting LED lighting products that that can replace existing incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs as well as compact fluorescent lights. Additionally, the company offers compact fluorescent and halogen lighting under its EcoGreenBulb and REPCO Labels, respectively. The company sells its products directly to distributors, consumers, and businesses as well as to municipalities.

Here are some recent headlines about Hi Score:

  • June 6, 2012: Hi Score announced today it had once again resolved to renew its efforts to target sales in the ever-growing energy saving LED streetlight market. The company has been developing relationships with American manufactures in an effort to be able to sell a private labeled energy saving LED or induction street light at a price that makes sense for the buyer.
  • May 18th, 2012: Hi Score announced that it had executed a transaction between Hi Score subsidiary DMD Lighting and Energy Control Systems, selling them to an unnamed private interest. The terms of the transaction, which occurred in the first quarter of 2012, prohibited the public announcement until the second quarter of 2012. The deal allows Hi Score to retain 25% of the profits from DMD over the next three years while losing all liability for continued operating expenses. “We shed over 200 thousand dollars in debt as well as at least a quarter million dollars in annual operating expenses… This is cash that we do not have to spend… The deal is great for our balance sheet and allows us to continue to receive a healthy amount of the profit without being responsible for the day to day,” said Hi Score CEO Michael Zoyes.

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Published by Fiona Gibson

Fiona is a finance graduate and an expert in analyzing market trends.