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HEX Innovation’s Blockchain-Powered Medical Platform Starts Operations

HEX Innovation based in Gong Kong has announced that it has launched a blockchain technology platform that will specifically carry medical information.  The company made the announcement during this year’s Hybrid Summit, which was held in Bangkok. Hybrid Summit is a blockchain conference.

Managing patients’ records

In a statement, the company said that the platform will help in safely storing and allows access to patient medical records and information. Some of the information includes the hospital, radiation doses among others.  The company further added that it has been making a lot of attempts to embrace the technology so as to safeguard patients’ data. This, according to the company has not been easy over time because information keeps increasing.

HEX Innovation partners with ASTON

To implement the new strategy, the company has formed a partnership with ASTON. Additionally, HEX Innovation has partnered with TPLUS. TPLUS built FHIR system that is being used by the Korean Healthcare government. HEX Innovation is counting on FHIR system’s long experience in development of radiation dose management system and imaging system.

Many countries around the world are formulating medical policies that are mainly focused on preventing rather than treatment. Many people around the world are also more health conscious. Many stakeholders are currently involved in collecting data with the sole purpose of creating a public record so as to be able to offer comprehensive medical services.

HEX uses HL7 FHIR together with the next-generation medical information standards to convert data from medical equipment, institutions and wearable gadgets. This information is converted in a form that can easily be consumed. Additionally, the company processes large quantities of data from MRI and CT through use of X.blockchain, a multi-dimensional blockchain structure. Compared to existing blockchain technologies, X.blockchain is very scalable.

The company is also developing its first blockchain-based application that will be used in the management of personal cumulative dose. This information will then be fed into the HEX platform. The application receives all the information from the radiological examinations of various, medical institutions and patients. This helps to reduces chances of exposure to radiations.

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