Great Wall Builders Temporarily Eases Fears, Climbs 1.3%

In spite of days of uneventful flat trading after a recent worrisome plunge, Great Wall Builders (GWBU) closed at $1.53. The stock, which is being promoted according to listings on, climbed a relatively steady 1.32% from the opening price of Wednesday’s trading session. Added to volume of some 10.50 million, Great Wall Builders was one of the most active listings on the over-the-counter market. Nevertheless, things have not always been so steady for this penny stock.

The first week of May proved to be somewhat of a depressing start for Great Wall Builders, trading at a dismal $0.40. Hardly any investments came in. Price stayed below one dollar for the first half of the month. It was only in the second week of this month that things began to look up for this eco-focused tech innovator.

On the heels of heavy stock promotion, its stock finally rallied to $1.55 by May 15th. The company also led the penny stock sector in market capitalization increase, gaining as much as $21.5 million during that period. On May 18th, Great Wall Builders rallied to $1.70 and stayed in this area until May 21st, when prices began to spiral down again.

Great Wall Builders retraced to $1.14 on May 21st, and many investors feared that in the succeeding trading days, it would be kicked out of the above-dollar zone and plunged back into the penny stock gutter again. The stock proved otherwise, and now with price at $1.53, pennyland is certainly not happening anytime soon. The company has released a steady stream of press releases and updates, with no signs of slowing down just yet. New business prospects and promises of returns for Great Wall Builders investors, even outside of the stock market arena.

Great Wall Builders, through a related entity Start Technologies, recently announced that Cogedev.RC has become its exclusive agent in France.

This appointment involves a five-year agreement which guarantees volume purchases amounting to €9,157,650. Under the agreement, Cogedev.RC should purchase Great Wall Builders FEED units worth €1, 500,000 within the next 12 months. At the very least, the agreement with Cogedev.RC is estimated to be worth over $2,196,150.

The patent may still be pending but Great Wall Builder’s Start Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Device (FEED) is gaining ground. It is a fuel-conditioning technology which increases engine horsepower while optimizing fuel consumption and keeping polluting emissions on check.

On May 15th, the company released a statement that it will be operating under a subsidiary named Start Technologies Europe I.G. Just before this, Great Wall Builders acquired all the assets of dPollution International, Inc. which had owned the rights to Start FEED.

Great Wall Builders made yet another announcement for its shareholders today. After completing a two-month test by the Barbados Ministry of Transport and Works, Start FEED was proven to increase fuel efficiency by 20% and to cause a significant drop in polluting particulate matter. This technology also reduces visible exhaust smoke.

Although the press releases seem a bit frequent for a small company during its heavily promoted campaign, Great Wall Builders is nevertheless making steps towards production, and stock values are reflecting investor interest. At end of the day, strength and stability in penny stocks trading is built on product quality and shareholder confidence, and performance is generally measured in the long-term, across many years.

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