Great Wall Builders’ Claim to Fame May be a Clever Advertising Ploy (GWBU)

Investors are looking hard at Great Wall Builders (OTC: GWBU). The stock traded to all-time highs as it neared a heavily-advertised $2.00 price level. Today’s move was impressive, quickly climbing to the $1.82 mark during the early afternoon hours and more is expected over the next few days.

Up yesterday from its $1.20 mark, Great Wall Builders had investors’ heads turning with regular bids of over one million shares throughout the day from market maker Wilson-Davis. Great Wall Builders has been in a two-week upward trend. Starting at the $0.46 price per share at the beginning of May, now it trades at almost $1.90 per share.

Great Wall Builder’s enthusiasm seems to rub-off on investors, as the rise of the stock share brought a 21% increase over that of its opening price of $1.5. Coming up from a 12 week low of about $.40 per share, the jump in the last two weeks is the most activity Great Wall Builders has seen since the 75:1 stock split on February 3rd of this year.

However, there are skeptics in the arena. Some investors feel the area of clean energy is too innovative and one where Great Wall Builders does not have a lot of experience. There are major skeptics of the company who share a feeling that GWBU may crash at any moment. The rally is suspected to be manipulated and may be one big advertising scheme, made solely to raise the price of the share.

Up until now, Great Wall Builders focus has been on solar energy home products. Originally founded to focus on solar integrated energy systems for homes in Texas, the company has branched out and offers other products like solar roof tiles, hot water heaters and solar photovoltaic systems. The company plans on forming partnerships with real estate developers, contractors, suppliers, real estate brokers and financial institutions in China.

Additional headlines from Great Wall Builders:

  • GWBU recently announced the opening of a research facility in Bologna ,Italy. Under the name of Start Technologies Europe, they plan to further develop new technology in the automotive sector.
  • Great Wall Builders becomes the exclusive distributor for Poland in innovative fuel efficiency device.
  • Skeptics believe this to be a to-good-to-be-true ploy generated by the company to raise the price of its shares.

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