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Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Faces Antitrust Investigation Regarding New Encrypted Web Protocol

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is at the center of a congressional antitrust probe regarding the company’s plans to use a new web protocol. Google wants to enhance user security and privacy with the introduction of an encrypted web protocol.

Antitrust investigators question Google’ new protocol

US lawmakers are raising concerns that the move will give the company aggressive benefits by making it harder for competitors to access consumer data. This will give the company control of more useful information. Antitrust investigators are wondering whether the company will use information collected under the new protocol for other business functions.

There is an urgency to the changes whose pilot deployments will commence in Octobers before widespread rollout. The Justice Division is aware of the considerations regarding the change in web protocol and has already acquired complaints on the same.

Currently, web addresses stay unencrypted, which is a risk to many because of exposure to deceiving addresses, web traffic, and even the use of fake sites to collect user data. The web encryption protocol will be a good thing to deny hackers the chance to cause harm to users.

Google to control encryption system

However, the problem with that all control of the encrypted system will be under Google and its rivals. The encryption traffic cuts middle layer ISPs, wireless networks, and cable carriers. It will also be creating a huge junk of new user data for the company. The worry is the loss of more personal information for the other companies in the event browser customers migrate to the new protocol. Some believe that Google might push its Chrome browsers into moving to Google companies that support the protocol; something the company has said it will not do.

The World Wide Web has grown through the Domain Name System which uses openly operated IP addresses. This made it easy for hackers to intercept user data. With encryption, the system will you DNS over HTTPS which will send encrypted data.

The Congressional antitrust investigators have written to the company seeking clarification regarding the adoption of DoH.

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