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Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Criticised Regarding Dismissal Of Four Employees Trying To Unionise

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) dismissed four employees on Monday for alleged breach of data security policies. However, there are allegations that the tech company took action against the employee because they were trying to unionize staff.

Google fires four employees for violation of data security policies

The firing of the four employees that have called the “Thanksgiving Four” on social media deepens tensions between management and staff. At one point the Silicon Valley tech giant was the personification of freedoms but that has changed and its now involved in several controversies.

The company issued a memo titled “Securing our data” to employees and it sought to rectify what the tech giant thought was misinformation regarding the wrongdoing. It indicated that the violation included a “systematic search for material and work of other employees.” According to the memo the individuals accessed the information together with internal email details as well as inaccurate descriptions regarding Googler’s work. The individuals subsequently shared all this information externally.

Backlash from various advocacy groups

However, the Tech Workers Coalition has indicated that the company dismissed the employees for “organizing at work.” The coalition has urged other workers at the company to speak out. Further, the campaign group indicated that the dismissal was an act of intimidation to workers. It also appealed to other employers to step in and employ the dismissed for.

One of the dismissed employees is linked to a suit condemning the company for working with the US border patrol agency. The agency has been working on a crackdown of illegal immigrants in the country.

Google Walkout for Real Change stated in a Medium post that the four stood up for having a better work environment. Last year the group organized an employee protest over sexual misconduct issues. It adds that the action is condoned in the code of conduct of the company. it encourages Google staff to stand up and speak out if they see anything that they consider not right.

The company has faced several disputes including its handling of sexual misconduct issues and forging of US military documents.

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