General Motors (NYSE: GM) Speaks out on the Expansion of Onstar and How the Collaboration With Amazon.Com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) Helps

General Motors (NYSE: GM) has announced its new collaboration with, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN), a move that will contribute towards the growth of its 911 emergency services.

Efforts towards better service delivery

The Detroit automaker speaks about its plan to develop a new OnStar Guardian for Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa that has grown quite popular over the years. Most subscribers leave behind great reviews upon using the unique tool, and the latest move happens to be a step geared towards offering even greater customer satisfaction.

The subscribers walk into a new dawn where they will be in the position to link with OnStar emergency-certified advisors easily. The only thing they will need to do will be to speak out the words “Alexa, call for help.” Such a move will then trigger the OnStar advisors to consider calling EMTs or the police.

The report shows that Amazon has delivered a service similar to Alexa called Guard Plus. However, the device only calls upon the user programming an emergency contact.

The essence of the new move

GM’s most recent statement describes the latest expansion as a small step in efforts meant to build customers beyond vehicle ownership. It hopes to succeed immensely in its attempts to transform and become the sort of company that generates recurring revenues. It eyes opportunities such as the OnStar subscription services.

GM gave out a statement regarding the Alexa feature’s unveiling and stated how the existing OnStar customers stand to benefit. The launch will happen in October, and it plans to embark on the broader rollout over the coming year. 

The company has also spoken about the product’s pricing, outlining that it plans to announce it later. The price for Amazon’s Alexa Guard Plus on a monthly rate happens to be $4.99, and yearly it is $49.

GM seems quite happy about the progress it has made so far. For example, it has served about 16 million customers in Canada and the US with OnStar and connected services. In addition, about 270,000 OnStar members enjoy the OnStar Guardian safety services.

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