General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Testing Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)’S Glass In Its Plants

Boston, MA 08/07/2014 (wallstreetpr) – General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) has reportedly been testing Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Glass in its factory floor with a view of finding out if it can be used to enhance its manufacturing process. The company’s workers at the Orion Assembly and Warren Technical center have been wearing the three pairs of the $1500 products, since last year trying to see its impact on the overall manufacturing process

 100 Employees Working on Google Glass

The company executives are said not to be sure as to where the device will be used thus the ongoing experimentation to find out its most valuable use. More than 100 employees are reported to have been wearing the device with the company waiting to analyze its report on use and efficiency. The use of the technology is endless taking into consideration the fact that Google Glass has many uses.

Business insider is reporting that General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) may go forth and create its own software for Google’s Glass as it tries to customize it to match with its operations in its manufacturing plants. General Motors will also continue testing the gadget until it finds its ultimate use in plants.

GM Focus on Renewable Energy

The revelations come as General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is reported to be working with 12 other companies and the World Wildlife Fund with a view of capturing renewable energy. The company’s director for sustainability, David Tulauskas, in a statement has already said that the companies involved in the project have already made impressive strides towards their main goal of developing the ‘Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers Principles.’

These are a set of guidelines designed to help utility commissions and other renewable energy providers understand how they can meet the rising demand for renewable energy through easy investments. Companies involved in the project will invest, in acquiring 8.4 million megawatt hours of renewable energy each year according to Tulauskas. The move is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emission by more than 1.2 million passenger vehicles

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