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General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) Making a Push for the Connected Car Space

Boston, MA 09/03/2014 (wallstreetpr) – General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is planning to install an eye tracking technology into its vehicles according to the Daily Mail. The technology will be used to ensure drivers stick to the code of conducts while on the road, in terms of avoiding any form of distractions.

Attributes of the Technology

The giant automaker is reportedly planning to install the technology in up to half a million vehicles over the next three to five years. The technology will be an addition to cameras that are normally used to monitor drivers speeding patterns. General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) is reported to have tapped the technology from Seeing Machines, a company that develops technology aimed at monitoring driver fatigue.

Daily Mail reports that the cameras will be’ programmed with algorithms capable of identifying drivers faces with a view of monitoring their eyes movement. Once information is gathered’ on the driver’s face and movement of the eyes while driving, the information will be transmitted to a three-dimensional map in the interior of the car. The information will consequently be used to ascertain where a driver was looking at different times.

Alerts to be’ Portrayed in case of Distractions

The technology is reported to have the capability of measuring a driver’s rotation of the head; this way, drivers will be notified from time to time if they are not spending enough time on areas such as rear-view mirror. The technology is a huge leap in the attempt of ensuring carefulness while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that most of the fatal accidents in the U.S. are mostly caused’ by distractions

The new development comes in the wake of CEO, Mary Barra, trying to rejuvenate the giant automaker that has faced immense pressure and scrutiny this year. The CEO is looking on ways to rejuvenate General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)’s image that has been overshadowed by recalls for the better part of the year. Innovation and development of new products remain key for GM as the company continues to make a push for the connected car space.

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