General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) Seeks Engineers Who ‘Get Viscerally Ill’ At Inefficient Processes

General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) is on the search for new engineers who are oriented towards efficiency and changing technology fronts.

Following the company’s embrace of cloud-based business and technology, more job opportunities have opened up. This is because the company no longer uses its old developer strategies. Therefore, GE is now in the need for new IT engineers who it hopes to train into efficiently managing their processes.

The company recently came up with new software which GE designed to automatically inspect applications. So the aim of using the software is to ensure the systems are up to the security and compliance criteria.

The software has also been instrumental in increasing the pace of operations. The Chief Operating Officer in charge of the IT department backed up this factual statement. He cited that the shift to a cloud operating platform is not easy as it requires GE to come up with creative ideas on which strategies to use to ensure engineers are instructed best. He also said that the company has already shifted gear in the search for such individuals as well as laying the groundwork.

Before General Electric Company (NYSE:GE) introduced cloud technology, it had adopted a software generating system called coding process called Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The company used this process to review its software data and codes before the software was made available for use.

The adoption of the new process has more perks such as speedy and responsive delivery. According to Drumgoole, the company counts on the new automation to speed up the whole process. However, the trick now is for the company to find new individuals who will understand and handle the software development process.

Drumgoole also described the required engineers as hybrid engineers. They will be required to be vastly knowledgeable in different coding languages such as Java and many more. They will also be required to have strong backgrounds with large IT systems, as well as proper skills in the software engineering fields.

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