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GameCredits Launch GShare- A New Free Desktop Application That Allows Users To Earn Game By Harnessing GPU

GameCredits recently announced the launch of a desktop application called GShare that allow users micro mining by earning a Game using wasted hardware. The organization known for GAME token will allow free downloading of this application to its users for PC, Mac and Linux operating systems. The announcement was made by the CEO of GameCredits and President of GNation, Sergey Sholom.

GameCredits is dedicated to servicing global gaming community and has introduced the redesigned version of its earlier signature application in the form of GShare. With the help of these new applications, users will be able to earn digital currency by using the power of their CPU and GPU (Graphics Processing Units). The digital currency thus earned by the users will be exchanged for GameCredits which can be utilized by the gamers to buy various PC games. The company has ensured that the whole process is transparent and seamless by making direct purchasing through the application possible.

GShare Latest Features And Updates

The redesigned version of GShare 0.83 comes with a number of changes that also includes a change in the name as well as the logo. New features include additional effects and information, improvements to the user interface, fixing of key bugs and inclusion of several popular games like Overwatch and Killing Floor 2. All these improvisations and changes are aimed at improving the overall user experience.

While speaking on the reason behind redesigning its signature application the director of GameCredits community, Jack Kuveke said that GShare has been created for the owners with powerful GPU’s so that the gamers can use their wasted hardware to their benefit when it is not in use. The demand for GPU’s has escalated since they are used for the application in cryptocurrency mining as well as for carrying out complex calculations.

However, GPUs cannot mine the task specific ASIC units but can be used effectively to mine crypto due to which its prices elevated fast in 2017.

GameCredits GPlay To Add New Elements

Along with GShare, GameCredits have also introduced, GPlay, a game store that will introduce new innovative elements that can be used by both the developers and the gamers. From esports to new competitive gameplay and new monetization opportunities, GPlay will be offering new competitive gameplay modes that will enable the developers to organize tournaments and declare prizes.

Published by Alan Masterson

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