Four Former Women Employees Challenges Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL)’s Google For Violating California’s Equal Pay Act And Pay Higher Wages To Men: Pays $17,000 Less To Females Annually

The four female employees won a class-action status against Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL)’s Google for gender equity. It allows them to represent 10,800 females.

Violates California’s Equal Pay Act

According to the lawsuit, Google rewards men with higher pay than women for the same work by violating California’s Equal Pay Act. 

The company paid $17,000 less annually to female employees compared to male employees in the same role. In a complaint filed in 2017, the women said the company put them in lower ranks compared to their male colleagues. As a result, they received less salary and qualified for lower bonuses. Hence, the women quit their jobs at Google.

An attorney for women, Kelly Dermody, said it is a significant win for the females at Google and mainly in the technology sector. Kelly is proud of his clients for leading the way. According to the verdict, the companies need to pay women equally than fighting in the court.

Agrees to pay $2.5 million

The labor department in the US also sued Google in 2017 for withholding compensation data. It later ruled that Google is responsible for disparities in compensation for women. As a result, the job applicants and employees will receive $2.5 million from Google for its alleged hiring discrimination and pay. 

According to a news release to Verge, Google believes in maintaining equity in its practices and policies. Without directly addressing the lawsuit, Google spokesperson said the company conducted a pay equity analysis rigorously for the past eight years. 

Google spokesperson said the company corrects inequality in pay between men and women if it comes across any disparity in wages and releases the compensation. 

In 2020, Google paid $4.4 million to 2,352 employees across the company by making upward adjustments. The company posted a profit of $17 billion in the previous quarter.

Google makes it difficult to keep location information private

According to a lawsuit filed in Arizona against Google, smartphone users find it challenging to keep their location secret. 

The engineers and executives at Google are aware of the intentional act to prevent or make it hard for users to keep their location private. Google pressurized the manufacturers to maintain the privacy settings hidden on smartphones. 

Google keeps on collecting location data even if the users turned off location settings in their smartphones. The lawsuit contends that Google illegally tracks the location data of Android users. 

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