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Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s New Mustang Aimed At An International Appeal

Boston, MA 10/18/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has planned to let Mustang fans get a glimpse of the next car it would be launching by 2015. The company plans to show off the new Mustang some time towards the end of this year. The car giant also has its 50th anniversary in next few months. The mustang is under renovation from a long time, since 1005. The much awaited car and its fans will get a rendezvous due a couple of months.

The new design includes a more modern look being attributed to the car. At the same time, the car giant has entrusted a more agile chassis with engines of even better efficiency. According to information available so far, Ford plans to make this particular model appealing to an international crowd, which was now a little restricted to America. To promote the unveiling ceremony, the company has sent out invitations to some automotive writers, even those involved in the vehicle market of Europe, to its Dearborn headquarters. The ceremony is due to begin by next week.

Although the writers have been requested by the car company to stay quite about the new design of the Mustang, some restrictions have definitely been eased. Speculations are, in fact that pictures of the 2015 Mustang might already be out in public even before the official release which is said to be done in December. The car will be available for buyers to purchase by next summer.

The first Mustang which was introduced for the first time in April, 1964 at the New York World’s Fair had witnessed immediate salutes. Within one year after launch that is by 1965, the car had recorded sales of more than one million. It featured the top covers of magazines like Time and Newsweek. With such response, the then sales boss Lee Lacocca had bagged immediate recognition and an evergreen reputation.

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