Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Buyers Can Test The 2021 F-150 Buyers Through A AR Experience

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has launched new features to allow potential buyers to explore the new F-150 through their phones or tablets through AR experience. The vehicle maker is doing away with dealership experience in the new business model.

But even before the coronavirus pandemic, car dealers were not so popular among car buyers. It is a case of turning lemon into lemonade as Ford unveils Driveway Dealership to adjust its business strategy in the wake of the pandemic. Driveway Dealership is an AR experience that will allow car buyers and enthusiasts to explore 2021 F-150’s features from their homes’ comfort through their smartphones or tablets.

Ford limiting visits to car dealers to only the necessary ones

Although the new features do not completely replace car dealers, it limits visits to dealers to only the necessary ones. In the end, actual customers interested in buying the 2021 F-150 will need to visit a car dealer or use the company’s online buying process. The online process also largely depends on the dealer that the customer selects. The online process can be done remotely until the vehicle is delivered at your home.

Ford is piloting the program on its ’21 F-150 with plans to extend to the entire lineup if the pilot program is successful. The company admitted limitations in the new system-for instance, the digital exterior of the F-150 resembles the Grand Theft Auto-on-medium-quality render.

To encourage Driveway Dealership, Ford is running sweepstakes promising users of a chance to win a 2021 F-150 of their own.

Ford’s mask donation drive

Ford has given out 1.5 million masks in Michigan to support the governor’s new MI Mask Aid program. The program targets to distribute 4 million face masks to citizens. It is one of the measures being taken to bring the COVID-19 under control. The state is among those who have been hard hit by the second wave of the pandemic. Analysts have blamed for the premature easing of lockdowns. Then the new MI Mask Aid program was unveiled by Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer in a press conference on Friday.

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