Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) Announced the Relocation of Sales to Its Online Platforms

The CEO of Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), Jim Farley, stated that the company’s electric motor vehicles might shift to standard prices and special online sales. Farley recently announced a distinctive future for the company where consumer services are improving online orders and the maintenance of used motor vehicles. The announcement at the recent IBM conference further revealed that Ford was offering home delivery.

The move will reduce the amount of haggling with the company’s salespeople and remove the notion of car dealerships across the globe. During the announcement, Farley stated that the company opted to use the non-negotiated prices and that Ford’s competitors, such as Mach-E, would appreciate certain products.  This move would enable the company to improve services.

Ford hopes to beat other electric car makers

Ford recently announced its intention to be the dominant EV car creator globally to triumph over electric motor vehicle companies such as Tesla and others. Farley reiterated that the electric motor vehicle industry created quality vehicles, including the BMW and Nissan, among others. The company is on a mission to retain the capacity to develop at least 600,000 models before the end of 2023.

The amount might not be similar to what dominant electric vehicle companies have created over the years. However, Ford hopes it could beat the 936,000 deliveries done by Tesla in the previous year. Through his research, Farey predicts that the estimated prices of electric vehicles will decrease to $ 25,00 a piece due to the reduction of distribution costs.

The company tries to deliver quality to its customers 

The company prides itself on being one of the friendliest and family-friendly motor vehicle companies across the globe. Ford values high-quality and effective services and products for its consumers and third parties. The company is equipped with a talented team of employees that focus on reproducing perfect products for its vast consumer presence around the world. Since its incorporation, Ford has fitted various generations with memories that involve the company’s incorporation into their hopes and anticipation. Ford is an everlasting company that has been opened for 117 years and has adapted to all-time influenced alterations in the industry.

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