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Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) Partners With Minnesota Timberwolves To Boost Basketball Performance Through Wearables

The NBA draft class for this particular year as a matter of fact comprised of numerous notable storylines. Most of them revolved around Lonzo Ball. It is crucial to point out that the Minnesota Timberwolves turned out to be the supreme winner of the draft. The most defining moment was indeed one week ago. That moment had witnessed the signing up of a jersey sponsorship deal between Fitbit Inc (NYSE:FIT) and T-Wolves.

T-Wolves remarkable trade deal is what led to it winning Jimmy Butler to its side. Jimmy is a top player and it goes without saying that by recruiting him they have put themselves ahead. In fact, it will be team that a lot of people will be keen on watching during the Western conference.

One thing that can’t be disputed is the fact that in the determination of the NBA landscape from the perspective of sponsorship, Timberwolves turned out to be a natural fit.

While speaking to a number of top news reporters, a spokesman representing Fitbit Inc said, “This partnership provides a chance to work with an up and coming NBA team. Both organizations are uniquely aware of the role data and analytics can play in improving performance and the partnership offers a chance to work across the whole Timberwolves organization, expanding our work in the corporate wellness space.”

It is indeed true that a lot of people have been kept in the dark regarding the particular terms related to the deal. However, it is critical to disclose that the partnership will be targeting using Fitbit’s technology in a bid to provide the team with more insight.

There is great need to maximize a player’s efficiency and his performance as well. The Minnesota Timberwolves and Fitbit have expressed great commitment to working together over the next three years. The future is looking promising for the two thanks to Fitbit technology which has the capacity to boost performance.

NBA will be seeking to take advantage of the value wearable technology. Creating awareness will help a great deal toward the achievement of the set goals according to Yahoo.

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