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Facts To Know About Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) ‘Mobilegeddon’

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has finally made changes that will improve web surfing on mobile devices. The term ‘mobilegeddon’ has been coined to describe the company’s recent focus on the mobile device front.

Smartphones carry a huge percentage of internet users. It is therefore obvious why more businesses are restructuring their websites to have a mobile view options. The restructuring allows optimization of websites to suite smartphone mobile interfaces. This will improve the surfing experience for mobile users.

Google is constantly making adjustments to its user interfaces to make it more user-friendly. Some of the most recent changes that the company has done include swipe changes that were introduced to the search algorithm. The changes will allow websites to be more user-friendly to smartphone surfers. It will make it easier for websites to adjust to mobile screen displays.

The new tweaks have a lot of impact on website operators. For starters, mobile web searches will now favor sites that are optimized for the mobile interface. This means that mobile sites will receive higher ranking that then translates into more views and more productivity. Websites are now rushing to make adjustments so as to keep up with these demands.

Earlier in February, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) released trial versions for the tweaks. The trial version was supposed to allow website managers to perform an analysis of whether their websites are adaptable to the algorithm changes. Now back to the present, Google Inc will allow website operators two months to make their adjustments before the changes are implemented.

Google’s domination of the search market plus the new changes means the businesses that rely on web traffic may suffer from the transformed search criteria. Companies and businesses have to focus and learn how to improve their viewership through search engine optimization.

The downside to these new changes is that the move could favor some substandard websites. Luckily it has become increasingly easier for websites to adjust on the go without the need for a lot of work.

Published by Nicholas Maithya

Nicholas is a Financial Analyst by profession, who enjoys writing about investments, technological developments, business, economics and other financial topics at various financial publications. Join him here on as he endeavors to deliver to you the latest breaking news on the above mentioned fronts. Contact him by email at [email protected] or follow Nicholas Kitonyi @nmaithyak on Twitter.

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