Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB), WhatsApp And Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) To Conform To Fresh Regulations In India

India has, over the years, maintained its place as the most prominent open internet society worldwide. It has been showing support to all the social media businesses, expanding their footprint into the country and making massive profits. However, the government introduces some stringent rules that will see top social media giants respect its constitution and laws.

Top companies to face the challenge

Most global tech players understand the great opportunity that lies in India’s burgeoning digital economy and must consider the new guidelines seriously. Most of them admit to having channeled billions of dollars into expanding their business presence in the country. New Delhi seems determined to curb the power of business giants like Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR), and WhatsApp.

The fresh challenge threatens the growth and expansion plans of those countries. All of them acknowledge India as a significant part of their worldwide development, as they continue focusing on what they are willing to do to conform o the new regulations.

India’s conditions

India’s goal is to spark change in various aspects, one of those being the move to counter inappropriate online content. Reports show a significant rise in violent material and false news, which the country wants to eliminate.

India’s government proposes establishing “grievance redressal mechanisms,” which will focus on resolving grievances.

Many users feel uncomfortable with some of the postings, and the government has heard their cry. India pushes the businesses to provide the names of their “grievance officers,” placing strict rules that will see those officers resolve issues within 15 days.

The social media giants continue facing the tough balancing act involving conformity to the latest regulations. India expresses discomfort with explicit sexual content and wants the top businesses to focus on pulling down the flagged content. The country gives its guideline on the matter, outlining such content’s pulling down as a necessary move. It provides a 24 hours deadline from t flagging.

India also asserts that the companies must appoint contact people and officers living in India to help address grievances. The appointees will line coordinate with the law enforcement agencies towards reaching amicable solutions to matters.

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