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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Introduces Vanish Mode Feature On Instagram And Messenger

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has unveiled its Vanish Mode feature which is more of Snapchat’s feature of disappearing messages. The social media giant is introducing the feature in Instagram and Messenger for more casual chats which allow users to set chats to delete automatically after a user has seen it.

Facebook unveils Vanish Mode feature

With the Vanish Mode, Instagram and Messenger users can send messages, pictures, emoji, stickers, GIFs and voice messages that will delete after the other party has seen it or a chat has been closed. Notably the Vanish Mode, unlike that of Snapchat is not a default setting. Facebook explains that users will have to enable the functionality from within the chat by swiping on their device screen while they are chatting. After the first launch, a pop-up screen will appear to explain how the feature works. Interestingly the company notes that the user will receive an alert if someone takes a screenshot of the chat.

Users might have noticed the feature that the company has been rolling out slowly since they announced the redesign two months ago. On Instagram, the Vanish Mode elements are already part of the direct messaging feature for videos and photos once they have been viewed. The Vanish Mode is more like the current secret conversation mode on Messenger that allows a user to encrypt chats saved on their device.

You can block and report Vanish Mode chats

Interestingly Facebook is supporting reporting and blocking in Vanish Mode for safety purposes. Once a user reports a chat, the disappearing messages will be included for around one hour after they disappear. Facebook explains that this will allow them to review the reported chat and take necessary action.

The company says that the Vanish Mode feature is an opt-in experience which means that one can only choose to enter a Vanish Mode conversation. The feature only works with connected users on Facebook. When in Vanish Mode, the screen will go dark to signal the change. To opt-out you tap the “Turn Off Vanish Mode” icon on the screen.

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