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Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) Introduces Facial Recognition Feature That Scans Photo Uploads

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) has announced that it will be launching a facial recognition setting for users. For new users, the feature will be off by default. Current users without the setting will receive a notification on whether they wish to turn it on.

Facial Recognition to replace tag suggestions

The Face Recognition setting has been vital in making Tag Suggestions on Facebook to identify who is who. The new feature will notify a user when someone uploads a photo of them and whether they tagged or not. The system will then automatically offer to tag the users it thinks is in the image.

The company has now moved to offer everyone the feature it introduced in 2017 and users will have the option of turning it off. This will turn off the feature that notifies you when you are in photos but you have not been tagged. Once you turn the setting off it will not scan images that you upload.

Srinivas Narayanan, Facebook’s AI Applied Research Lead, indicated that the users will not be able to use all features that use facial recognition. Features such as Photo Review which notifies users when they are in photos they are not tagged will not be activated. Users will have to tag friends manually and if the facial recognition setting is off you will not receive tag suggestions.

Facebook faces a lawsuit on violation of personal data laws

The coming up with a facial recognition setting to Facebook could be in poor taste for a company that has been dealing with privacy scandals. The company has been at the center of a class-action lawsuit for violation of privacy regulations. The company faces claims of having illegally stored personal data of Facebook users without permission. Last month Facebook lost a federal appeal that could have halted the case which could potentially cost billions of dollars.

For those users receiving the Facial Recognition Setting for the first time, the company will send a notification about the setting. Users have a chance of turning the setting on should you wish.

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