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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Details ‘Major Improvements’ Made In ‘The Fight Against Fake Likes’

Facebook Inc

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) announced its progressive efforts in for the fight against fake likes. The social media giant is making these improvements with the aim of making the information more authentic to businesses and users.

Social media plays a big role in online marketing. It is thus important for businesses to maintain an authentic viewership. That is why Facebook is clamping down on fake likes. So far, the company has eradicated most o them through system reviews and other programming changes.

Most of the changes made deal particularly in the admin alerts and pattern identification. The announcement was clearly defined in a blog post, which reveals that the company is involving more effort to make sure that its social network is honest in light of people’s need for safety.

The post also revealed that the company’s announcement came last year. Facebook revealed the crackdown on fake likes as one of the strategies it was going to use in its fight against duplicitous activities and cyber crime. The pattern recognition program has been vital in identifying the apprehensive activity. It provides an opportunity to detect and investigate the potentially malicious or fake subject before reaching the decision whether fake or not.

Facebook also announced that it has been making it increasingly difficult for fraudsters who sell likes. The idea is to block their activities before the likes reach the designated pages. So far, the project has been successful as they have been able to block most of the fake-like vendors.

So far, the social network has managed to secure over 200,000 pages against fake accounts since March 2015. Additionally the company communicated the move to the page administrators to inform them that they have been protected. The notifications include additional information on how to authentically increase their fan base.

The campaign for more authenticity is in line with the current push for more user privacy especially with the probing spotlight from watchdogs.

Published by Alan Masterson

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