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Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Combines Deep Links with app Install Ads

Popular social networking site Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has decided to combine its rewarding app install ads with deep linking. The main aim of this combination is to make possible opening of a specific in-app purchase page once the app is downloaded. The combination results in a powerful new tool, especially for those direct marketers who have been selling services and products through apps.

Deep Linking to Increase Conversion Rates

Direct marketing has become immensely popular on the net where netizens open the ad of the product they want to buy into a new browser tab and complete the purchase. However, when it comes to buying or selling through mobile, it is very much important that the people are convinced. Only then, will they favor buying your particular kind of merchant app.

Once the app is downloaded, then all the merchants and the marketers have to do is hope that the customers explore their site using the app and make the purchases offered or promoted through the app. Facebook expects to increase the conversion rate by letting the deep linking take care of the last step of marketing and promoting the product or a service. This new arrangement will make sure that the direct marketing and app install ads become the same.

In-app to Increase Facebook Ad Revenue

These latest in-app purchase install ads are expected to help the social site to move ahead of the $3.32 billion ad revenue that it earned in the first quarter this year. When you post a Facebook mobile News Feed ad, for a particular Hotel or Hotel packages the main aim behind posting is to make people book rooms so that the commission is generated.

The current target of the ad are the people who are living in Los Angeles but are the residents of any other states, for example, San Francisco. Such people are more likely to make a hurried trip to the other state and use the app for booking.

Published by Nicholas Maithya

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