Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) to Introduce Voice and Video Calling on the Main App

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) has always wanted to connect messaging across all its apps, which was done in Instagram and Messenger. Some years back, Facebook removed Messenger from its main app in 2014. As a result, if anyone wishes to use the messenger app, they would have to download the Messenger app independently.

With the connection of Facebook Messenger and Instagram, users can hold calls on either of the apps without having both, which is a game-changer because it’s saving expenses associated with the downloads.

Voice and Video calls on the main Facebook app

Some Facebook users can make voice and video calls using the main app during the trial without clicking on the messenger app. Several countries have been are to run the testing, including the U.S. However, Facebook hasn’t revealed how many of its users will see the new voice and video call features in their main app.

Before the new feature is ultimately added to the Facebook app, users should continue using Facebook messenger to enjoy the full features of voice calls and videos. Voice calls and Video is part of the enormous features of the Messenger app. Facebook has not yet revealed any other features they will get from the messenger app. Facebook plans to use Messenger as a service and not as a stand-alone application.

There is also a plan to integrate WhatsApp into the Facebook main app. This integration will ensure that users don’t have to keep jumping from one app to another to communicate. Having all features in one place will make it easier to grow and expand its territories. In addition, those used to jumping from Facebook to Messenger for voice calls and Video will be happier in this new feature.


Some critics say that Facebook is about to break due to changes, but that may not be the case. In my view, Facebook will be harder than now to die. Facebook is just trying to be strong enough and convenient for its users. Some commenters have also criticized Facebook, saying that’s their way of recording users’ conversations by including calls and Video.

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