Facebook, Inc. Common Stock (NASDAQ: FB) Extends Access to Licensed Music to Game Streams

Facebook, Inc. Common Stock now allows more content creators to play licensed music in the background during streaming. Previously, Facebook Gaming only let creators with partner status play music from various labels and publishers. This service was put into effect in September 2020 as an experiment that gave 1000 content creators access to music.

 Now that Level Up streamers, which is a step down from partner status, can also play music, the service will include over 100,000 streamers.

Level Up status comes with advantages such as the ability to monetise streams using the Stars currency, paid subscription, ads and the ability to stream at 1080p at 60 frames per second. Partner status has all these perks together with a partner badge, better personalised technical support from Facebook and early access to new products.

Creators can play music from many record labels

Creators from Level Up and Partner Status can play music from various labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. Clips viewers make from the streams and archived streams are also included in the deal.

There is no pre-existing playlist that the creators are limited to, so the streamers can play any songs they want. However, Facebook does not allow them to use certain songs and will notify the streamers if they do. To avoid being flagged, creators can remove such songs from their playlists.

Facebook does not allow having music as the focus of the stream

Facebook systems can now detect whether the music being played is in the background or is the focus of the stream. The company does not allow the latter and plans to enforce the rule.

To celebrate the expansion, Facebook plans to host several streams where famous DJs will play background music as select creators play games. These streams, known as Play Loud, will take place throughout September. Celebrity DJs that will take part include Diplo and DJ Khaled.

According to Luis Renato Olivalves, the director of the global gaming creator partnership of Facebook Gaming, Music will give a better experience to the creators and allow them to engage better with their community.

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