ProtonMail service popularly known for offering encrypted emails to the individuals who wish to maintain privacy during a transaction is considering the launch of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the future. There is also a possibility that the service provider may implement blockchain-based software in its working. The news was confirmed recently by the CTO of ProtonMail, Bart Butler. Lucas Betschart, President of Switzerland’s Bitcoin (BTC) Association posted a tweet supporting the confirmation.

ProtonMail looking for Ethereum smart contracts expert

While replying to the negative speculation from the commentators, Butler in his Twitter post stated that ProtonMail is exploring the possibilities of coming out with a token as an option to the traditional VC funding. As per the report, the potential crypto token is expected to be named as “ProtonCoin.” The company has posted a want for an expert who can develop secure smart contracts on Ethereum (ETH) platform.

According to the job post, the requirement is for a Geneva, San Francisco or Zurich-based blockchain developer which hints that the company is planning activities related to the blockchain technology in the future. In its post, the company says,” Over the years, we have integrated Bitcoin as a form of payment and have become the go-to email for cryptocurrency users demanding the best security. Looking forward, we have some exciting blockchain-related ventures underway.”

In April, the company hinted that it wants to sell the shares directly to its community groups for raising funds. However, this announcement did not receive approval and response.

ProtonMail is a hot favorite of dark web users

ProtonMail is a hot favorite platform for the users who operate on the dark web because the traders can carry out their operations anonymously on the Tor protocol simultaneously while they are using their respective clear web identity. Thus it serves twin purpose for the users who can communicate with each other and still maintain a balance between anonymity and convenience. That is why; people who transact with cryptocurrencies prefer this service.

Interestingly, the platform thus also favors criminal activities and attracts the interest of authorities thereby making the users a target irrespective of whether they are involved in criminal activities or not.