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Elon Musk Reveals That Tesla Owners Will Soon Access YouTube And Netflix Through Their Cars

Technology titan Elon Musk recently announced that Tesla electric car owners might soon be able to stream YouTube and Netflix content through the touch screen displays in their vehicles.

The Tesla CEO announced through a tweet this past weekend, revealing that content streaming might be added to the list of features available in Tesla vehicles. Musk did not give an exact timeline but he did point out that the feature might be rolled out in August or the coming months. Netflix and YouTube are currently the most popular content streaming platforms and it, therefore, makes sense that they are the first streaming services to grace Tesla screens.

Elon previously confirmed that content streaming would be part of the updates included in Version 10 of the Tesla in-car software. However, the CEO’s tweet this weekend was the first time that he confirmed that Netflix and YouTube will be available. As far as safety is concerned, Musk noted that the streaming services will only be available in Tesla cars when the vehicles are stationary.

Bringing back drive-in movie experiences with modern twists

Musk also noted that content streaming through Tesla vehicle screens will likely be made available at all times even in motion once full autonomy is achieved. The electric car manufacturer already offers in-car gaming which is disabled when the vehicle is in motion.

Musk likened the experience of watching YouTube or Netflix content through Tesla car screens to drive-in films. He, however, noted that offering all that in Tesla cars will deliver a better experience because the vehicles offer superior sound quality and an overall better experience compared to drive-ins years ago.

Tesla cars have some of the biggest infotainment screens in the vehicle industry. Musk and his company believe that offering access to streaming services via the screens will allow users to utilize the technology available in their vehicles.

Experts, however, believe that it might take a while longer before content streaming becomes permanently available especially with the slow pace of autonomous technology as far as regulation is concerned. Regulators believe that self-driving technology is currently not ready to go mainstream.

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