Elon Musk Asks Twitter Inc (NYSE: TWTR) to Prove That It Has Less Than 5% Not Accounts

Elon Musk recently offered to buy Twitter for $44 billion. While this news was met with excitement, there has been doubt on whether Musk will proceed with the deal. What makes the situation worse is that the billionaire has stated that he won’t buy the company if they don’t prove that bots own less than 5% of their accounts.

Musk now has tension with Parag Agrawal, the CEO of Twitter, over the bots issue. People now speculate that he could attempt to lower the purchase price or back out of the deal. The tension came after Musk claimed the platform had too many fake accounts.

Agrawal responded to this claim by stating that the company takes the threat of fake accounts seriously and thus shuts down any they believe are fake. The billionaire responded to this with a poop emoji.

A tech analyst now says that Musk is damaging the company’s fundamentals. The billionaire is even ruining employee morale. Many executives have already left the company for fear of what Musk’s games might do to Twitter. This loss of talent could impact Twitter’s product development and performance.

Jeff Bezos criticises the president on Twitter

Meanwhile, former Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos is criticising President Joe Biden for the inflation in the U.S. The billionaire states that Biden added more stimulus when the country was already suffering from inflation.

Experts speculate that Bezos is complaining about inflation as it has hit Amazon, a company that he still has a stake in. Moreover, more employees are now asking for unionisation.

Michael Novogratz goes silent after Luna’s crush

Michael Novogratz, a billionaire who promoted Luna by getting a tattoo, is currently silent on Twitter since the crypto crushed. Novogratz had also promoted UST, which has also collapsed. Luna fell by 100% and is now valued at a few cents. UST, on the other hand, is now valued at 13 cents. This news came as a shock as these coins were some of the top-performing ones in crypto.

There were two factors at play that led to the crash. One was the mechanism behind the coin, while the other was the panic investors had as they didn’t understand the decline. This led to them pulling out.

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