Dylan Mulvaney is a caricature of what it means to be a woman. When will corporate America treat us fairly

Maybelline, the iconic makeup brand that millions of women have relied on for more than a century, has sadly followed the idiotic and damaging trend of snubbing women in favor of a grown man who dresses up like a little girl. 

Is this how Maybelline sees its millions of consumers – as air-headed little girls who prance around talking like a baby? 

No matter how much makeup he puts on or whether he wears high heels and dresses, Dylan Mulvaney is still a man. Biological facts are just that – sex is immutable and is stamped on every part of your being.


But, even if Mulvaney, often called an “influencer,” is trying to alter his physical characteristics, no woman or even little girl we’ve ever known acts the way he does.

Yet the corporate elites and marketing teams at Maybelline, Budweiser, Nike, Tampax and a dozen other companies think this guy should be the face of what a woman is in 2023. Otherwise, why would they glamorize and monetize mocking women in this vulgar and hideous fashion? 

These companies can’t find an actual woman to promote their makeup, bras, and tampons?

The slap in the face hurts worse when you say to women, “You just aren’t good enough to promote our female products.” Let’s leave it to a man to promote sports bras and menstrual products. 

The message from these companies is clear that men are better at everything, including being women. 

According to a recent UCLA Williams Institute study the percentage of Americans over age 13 who identify as “transgender” is less than one-half of one percent of the population. So why all this pandering to this small percentage of people? 

Americans are scratching their heads wondering what has happened to their country? 

Remember the “#MeToo” movement? 

It seems just a few years ago that women were to be honored, respected, and listened to by our culture. 

Those “fratty” men who drink Bud Light were told they were responsible for “toxic masculinity,” and they had better sit down and shut up and listen to the women.

No more. 

Now, they and all Americans are to swallow an individual who clinicians a few years ago would suspect of having a fetish for little girls. 

It gets even crazier when you think of the new entertainment genre of attending drag queen shows where men dress up in ridiculous costumes with exaggerated makeup, fake gigantic boobs, and gaudy jewelry to mock women. 

Is this what they think women look like? 

Then these men, dressed like hookers, gyrate their fake genitalia and dance awkwardly to music or at worse case sit in front of children reading a book for children’s story hour at the local library.

Yet, parents are allowing their children to see this form of “entertainment,” and some school districts think it is so fun that elementary school children should be part of the action.

Libs of TikTok has shown numerous videos of this vulgar and hideous display, the latest being a drag queen straddling a teen girl, sitting on her lap and simulating sex.


Would any other group be allowed to be ridiculed and mocked in this hideous fashion? The only comparison that comes to mind is black face, when Hollywood and people like the former governor of Virginia thought it was fun to dress up in exaggerated clothes and make-up in order to mock African Americans. “Oh, it was just theatrical expression.” No, it was offensive, repugnant and wrong! 

How have women stood by and allowed this ridicule to happen, and why has corporate America forsaken women to cater to a miniscule part of the population? 


Then we have the Biden administration, USA Today, and other corporate entities honoring biological men, dressed up as women, as their “Women of the Year.” 

Never mind that these men have been women for about five minutes, but what is our society saying that if you’ve been a woman your whole life, you need to step aside for the guy in the room who wants to be like you?

After a century of the vote and so many advances in every segment of society, the elites in the halls of every institution in our country seem now to be aligned with men, again.

After 50 years of Title IX that was to level the playing field for women in sports, male athletes are now stealing the trophies, the scholarships and the dignity of female athletes. These women are expected to step aside gracefully while their male opponent stands on the winner’s podium and ESPN highlights them for women’s history month. 

The sort of discrimination women are facing right now – not just males displacing females from meaningful competition, but being exposed to men in the locker room, when women in prisons and domestic violence shelters are confined to housing with male predators – the entertainment is over. The laws and the scientific facts they follow are being violated and ignored.

President Joe Biden recently said, “Transgender people shape our nation’s soul.” If that is the case, then where does that leave women?


Source – https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/dylan-mulvaney-caricature-what-means-woman-when-will-corporate-america-treat-us-fairly

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