Dwindle At AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) And What It Means For Investors

Boston, MA 10/17/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Despite bagging top honors at Cleveland through a study conducted by Rootmetrics, an independent mobile analytics team, At AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T), the telephony giant seems to be having quite a rough time at the stock exchange. In the last six months the company’s stocks have plummeted to sell at a low of $34 from a previous six months high of about $38. This has sent the company’s management in disarray in an attempt to solidify the company’s financial ground by offering the public the chance to own a piece of the telephony company at a cost of slightly less than $34 per share. For any wanting investor this would be a good entry point. In the last three days the company’s shares have slipped a further 1.29%.

Despite the hard hitting times, the company has built a strong history as one of the most reputable in hiking dividends pay-outs in the last 29 years. Historically the company has also enjoyed some of the highest stock-yields in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. In the current prices the yields stand at a comfortable 5.33%.

However it wouldn’t be prudent of anyone to rule out the comeback of this giant. In recent times, AT&T Government Solutions, a part of AT&T Inc. won a tender from the US military. The tender stands at a hefty price tag of about $4.1 billion. With such big tenders in the pocket, the company is bound to stay afloat long enough to see its luck in the stocks market turn around for the better.

Having worked up a good reputation that the company has accrued over the years with its competent service delivery, things at this point could only get better. This comes in time with the planned expansion of the company’s 4G LTE coverage areas to boost the figures to a massive 300 million subscribers. This will definitely be huge boost for the company’s subscriber base that could be the pivot to its turning around its dwindling fortunes.

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Published by Lisa Ray

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