Diebold Selected as Single-Source Provider for Pharmacy Equipment Servicing (DBD)

AmerisourceBergen Technology Group (ABTG) ended its search to streamline its service delivery standards with Diebold (NYSE: DBD). ABTG selected Diebold to be its single-source provider for all of the company’s services including installations, preventative maintenance and repair. ABTG’s pharmacy automation customers will look toward Diebold to meet all of their service needs. For ABTG, this will mean a more efficient method of service delivery and reduced cost of service. The company also hopes that streamlining its service delivery process will result in better customer satisfaction standards and ratings.

Service Delivery and ABTG

ABTG is a branch of AmerisourceBergen Technology Group, which is one of the largest and most prolific pharmaceutical service companies all over the world. The company is well known for delivering management solutions pertaining to pharmaceutical supply chains for healthcare providers and companies all over the United States and deep into Canada.

A single-source partnership with Diebold will achieve ABTG’s goal of streamlining the services provided by its pharmaceutical equipment management end. These services will greatly benefit ABTG’s customers in the pharmacy, healthcare and hospital sectors. In the past, ABTG provided these services through a number of third-party vendors, but with Diebold’s entrance into the company’s service providing solutions, the company has already recorded increased consistency and efficiency in the quality of services provided to its customers.

About Diebold

Diebold is a proven industry leader in the global market when it comes to providing “integrated self-service delivery and security systems and services”. Headquartered in Canton, Ohio, Diebold has representation in over 90 different countries and currently employs more than 16,000 associates all over the world. The company has an all-inclusive and entrenched service organization that is both extensive and efficient. With a network of more than 4,000 service professionals, the company is readily available whenever ABTG has any service delivery need. In fact, it is already servicing more than 19,000 pieces and parts of different types of equipment that are in the possession of almost 1,100 customers in two out of three of the largest countries in North America.

Market Movement

Diebold, a mid-cap company with a market capitalization of nearly $2.1 billion, saw its share prices decline to $33.13 today, which is $0.51 lower per share than it was at the end of the last trading session. In terms of percentage value, this equates to a drop of 1.5%. The previous close for the company’s share prices was recorded at $33.64.

Other mid-cap companies that have been touted to be on the right track along with Diebold are Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (NYSE: GT), which is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of tires and rubber-related chemicals, and United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X), which is an integrated steel producer of tubular products and flat-rolled equipment. US Steel operates mainly in North America and Europe. US Steel share prices rose by 3.6% to reach $21.10, while Goodyear saw an increase of 0.5% to close at $12.62 today.

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